Luxurious 3 bedroom garden villa in Galicia-Spain

Fantastic terrace Villa in a quiet beach village called Aldan in Pontevedra with the best gastronomy of Spain and stunning views. It is located in the Galicia region in northwest of Spain. In a small distances, visitor can go from mountain landscapes to the coastline along the Rias Baixas estuary. 

The Atlantic Ocean makes inroads into the land amidst legendary forests to form the "Rias Baixas" with exceptional beaches, rugged scenery and the wealth of flavours present in its unique cousine are just a few of the treasures waiting for you in this part of Galicia "Aldan".

Aldan is lands of lighthouses and ancient stone crosses, of waterwheels by cascading streams and crystalline pools. Also many shrines and romanesque churches, prehistoric dolmens and stones covered in moss and creepers, withnesses of Romans and Celts.

The smell of salt water impregnates the streets and harbours of the numerous fishing villages like Aldan. We recommend a visit to the majestic Cies Islands (Atlantic Islands National Park). Unique natural paradise, whose rocks and waters are home to a host of rich flora and fauna with sandy beaches, caves and cliffs.

Aldan means beaches, landscpes and nature, but we should not forget its rich gastronomy with seafood, fish and meat, and, of couse, a good Albarinio wine on the tabel.

Welcome to this privileged area of Galicia, with fishing communities that will offer you a warm welcome and natural wonders that will captivate you from the moment your arrive.